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Teresa Evans

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Weimaraner reputable breeder
weimaraner reputable breeder

My name is Teresa Evans, I first met the weimaraner in 1977 when I went to work for the late veterinarian Dr. Richard Selby ( Co Founder of the Weimaraner Club of Greater Louisville) in Kentucky. At that time he had a Weimaraner named "Hulk" (Ch Shannondale's Brawny Lad). I started to develop a love and passion for the weimaraner and just fell in love with the breed. During that time I began showing, owning and breeding weims with Dr. Selby using the Kennel name Shannondale's Weimaraner's . Shannon was one of Dr. Selby's first beloved weims and Dale was the area of Louisville in which he resided ( Ferndale). He and I both have finished numerous Shannondale's Weimaraners to their Championships and many other AKC titles and Performance Titles.  We have provided and placed Weimaraners to the greatest families any breeder could ask for in the Greater Louisville Area and across the United States.

In 2000 I met Allyson Chaney whom came to Dr. Selby and I to purchase a female pup, as it turns out she fell in love with the weimaraner just the same as I and I have mentored her for the last 16 years in the breed. We have become very close friends and have mutaully decided preserve the Shannondale's Line . We are both Breeders in Good Standing with the Weimaraner Club of America, Weimaraner Club of Greater Louisville and the American Kennel Club. Our purpose is to preserve the natural abilities, temperment, health and Standard to the the Best Versatile breed ,

The Weimaraner....

Who was Dr .Richard Selby?

weimaraner reputable breeder

Who was Richard K Selby DVM
He was a husband, father, great vet, friend, and his passion for the
weimaraner was unsurpassed. He helped any weim in need. With vet care (free
most the time) finding one a home or just helping any way he could. He was a
long time member or the WCA, and was one of the founders of the Weimaraner
Club of Greater Louisville. His Kennel name was Shannondale, named after his
first weim Shannon that he bought in the 1967. No one in our area even knew
what a weimaraner was much less pronounce it correct. He was a true friend
to the breed also the people he mentored. I was one of them and he had so
many others. Never did he ask for anything in return but friendship. We did
not always see eye to eye but he was always there for his friends and gray
dogs. You cannot talk about Rick without mentioning his since of humor.
Though strange sometime in a dry sort of way he always made everyone laugh.
Loved playing tricks on his friends. Even when he was very sick came to my
dog rescue with an emergency surgery. It was one of the last surgeries he
did. He was a true fighter but told no one how sick he really was till the
end. I loved this man and never forget him. He introduce me to the one of
the greatest breeds and I have so many memories that I could share. I
started working for Rick in 1973, Teresa Evans started a years or so later.
He taught us so much about showing, hunting, and true sportsmanship. He
never wanted to be in the spot light. Just stand in the background and watch
Teresa show their dogs.  Teresa carries on with his Shannondale line. She
worked for Richard for over 35 years and showed and bred dogs together. They
were a great team. But Richard would not stand for any of us to be sad. He
would want only fond memories of him that would make you laugh. So that is
how I choose to remember him and I find my self quoting him all the time and
start laughing when I do. He taught so many to love the weimaraner and life.
Enjoy your dogs and enjoy your time with them because it is so short.
So who was Richard K Selby DVM
A mentor
A Friend
A Detected Weimaraner lover
Written By:  Patty Prather
weimaraner reputbale breeder
weimaraner reputable breeder